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Apple Tablet: Thoughts by Mobile Mike

January 22, 2010 4 comments

So everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has been reporting on the “Apple Tablet” as if it is a for sure thing, and I hope it is, but with a big BUT. From what I am reading and what has been reported, the price is going to be around $800-$100. In my opinion this thing needs to come in between the iPod Touch and the base model Macbook in order for it to succeed. Even as wild as some of the renders are, I just do not see this being as useful as a full-blown Macbook, and $1000 is too high for a niche device of this kind. We have the Kindle, iPod Touch, and iPhone (with subsidy) all coming in around the $300 mark. How much more useful or bad ass will this tablet be, if it really exists? Read more…

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