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Apple Dropping Prices of Tv Shows?

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Financial Times is reporting that Apple may be reducing the price of it’s Tv shows on iTunes. Right now most episodes are $1.99 and HD shows are $2.99, if the reports are true, some shows will drop to $1. Apple has apparently been in talks with networks for a while, and some have agreed to the price change. Hopefully this will be successful and convince other networks to consider a subscription model.  Here is a quote from the FT article.

“Some television networks agreed to the lower prices after months of negotiations, and having initially resisted Apple’s push. Media executives are under pressure from declining DVD sales and cut-rate rental services such as Redbox, that offer rental DVDs for $1.

It is not yet clear which or how many of the US free-to-air and pay-television networks have agreed to the lower pricing. Some media executives said they have not been approached with the new prices.”

[Via Mac Rumors]

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