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Guru Inspection: Budsock

March 13, 2010 2 comments


I think we’ve all been in a position where we’ve pulled out our headphones from whatever darkness we left them in only to find a rats nest of wire. Sure you can spend a couple of seconds pulling them apart and go on with life. It’s often thought of as one of those ‘things’ you just have to deal with. Well not any more.

Budsock girlBudsock is a small bag like device that keeps your ipod headphones in tangle free bliss. This no frills product does one thing and doesn’t have any quams about it. With a super low price point of $3.99 you can go wrong. Plus those audiophiles who own a lot of headphones get discounts when ordered in lots of 3 at

The question I’m sure everyone is asking is do they work? Yes. But really, did you need a ‘guru’ to tell you that? Here’s the thing, they don’t really work great after you’re wearing them. Honestly I think the time spent dealing with it is almost equal to the time spent untangling your headphones. It’s like you’re adding time onto putting them away to reduce the time you spend taking them out.

My other beef is just how freaking ugly this thing is. It’s like someone bought up all the scrap sail material in a Taiwan sweat shop, sent it to China to be silk screened and sewn into a cone shape. Boring! Nevermind what you’ll look like wearing what I’ve dubbed “headphone gstring” in public. Could you rock these in the gym, or on campus? Granted Ms. Budsock is wearing a very distracting red hat and by the time I make it to her headphones I’m already thinking about something else…but I digress. It’s ugly and so will you be if you wear them. (did I just talk in Yoda speak?)

Guru Inspection rating: Must own for three reasons

  • They’re great at doing what they claim. Keeping headphones from getting all tangled up.
  • The price point is too low to worry about it
  • They offer a FULL REFUND if you’re not happy

Guru Inspection: Ankit Noise Isolating Earphones w/G-Bass

March 4, 2010 3 comments

Video Review: 

If you’re looking for something to set yourself apart from the pack in the headphone market you’ll go mad trying. At CES this year we saw a ton of different companies all trying to trick out the crappy ass earbuds that Apple has made so famous. We all know that the sound quality from these devices is lacking. Ankit tackles both issues head on.

Ankit offers 4 different products in their line, each fitting a different ‘type’ of person. The designs are all crafted into the earbuds during the injection molding process. These aren’t just decorations on top of your earbuds, but rather part OF your earbuds. Each style is sure to set you out from the crowd in the way that people will be commenting on how cool they are and asking where you can get them.

Ankit doesn’t just impress with good looks, no these headphones can cook and clean! The ‘g-bass tecnology’ isn’t just a line of crap with Ankit. How many times have you seen a manufacture claim they’ve got something special to push those lows at you? I’m pretty sure we all have at least a dozen times. More often then not you’re left feeling like you’re listing to two pop cans. Ankit delivers some of the richest and deepest hitting bass sound that I’ve heard from an in-ear style headphone. In the price point no one even comes close! The sound range of the headphones is truly rich and dynamic. The highs are clean and crisp while the lows are warm and rich. Ankit delivers big time in the audio department.

Finally environmental impact. Wait…we’re talking headphones right? Well yea, but get this. For each pair sold Ankit will plant one tree. So not only do you look good, your music will also sound good AND you’ll have planted a tree. 

To find out more, or to order a pair for yourself head over to

Price: $50
Guru Inspection: Best headphones at this price point period. New Guru benchmark.