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PLANon Docupen Guru Inspection w/Video

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Video Review:

So after getting the PLANon Docupen X05 scanner, $369 retail,  I was really excited to see all the cool things I’d be able to scan and toss onto my BlackBerry etc. For me this was going to be like ‘lifting’ an image Indiana Jones style in Last Crusade, or Vietnam Wall memorial. No. This thing hardly works at all. It’s really bad and doing what it does. It’s really big. The interface was a pain in the ass to install. The BlackBerry interface was even more of a hassel.

What did I like about this device. I thought the idea was really cool if not 1986-ish. Granted technology has come a long way but this is the OLD way of scanning and frankly they did it better 20 years ago. With today’s technology this just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Docupen X05 fails the Guru Inspection.

  • hard to use
  • high price tag
  • extra device that does one thing

If you’re really in the market for this kind of device I suggest you take your camera and snap a picture of a document. Then upload this document into a cloud app called ‘Evernote‘ via your smartphone or PC. Then from your PC or Smartphone you can search for txt IN THE PICTURE. This is the 2010 answer to portable ‘scanning.’


Angry Guru – PLANon Docupen Unboxing [HD]

January 20, 2010 2 comments

The AngryGuru goes hands on for an unboxing video in 1080p, cause we know you love the HD.

Look for a full video review in the upcoming days.