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Open Home 4.3 is out for Android with nice new features

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I love Open Home fro Android. It really lets you do anything to your home screen you want. They have just released and update, 4.3 to be exact, which actually brings some Android 2.1 features to any Android device. Check out the full details below from Better Android’s blog:

Yes, we released an update today again

It has the same screen indicators as you would find in Android 2.1’s default Home screen. Long pressing the indicators will also give you a screen switcher just like in Android 2.1. We also added a fancier animation to home switcher to make it look even cooler. Enjoy!

We are pleased to announce that Open Home (full version) is not now at its 4th major version v4.x . Here is a list of note-worthy changes/enhancements/features/bug fixes:

– Allow users to set the default fonts to any home screen widgets. Please note that only default fonts are changed because some widgets have custom fonts and we don’t want to give override them. (menu/more/font & color/Widget font)

Performance enhancements from android 2.1, now home screen scrolling is much smoother, force close issues are gone for Motorola Droid and HTC Nexus One

More home screen animations and effects, including an experimental 3D cube transition effect  (menu/more/Open home setting/3D cube)

Live Wallpaper is now supported on Nexus One

Home Chooser’s default setting check box now works as it should  (menu/more/home chooser)


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